How to Beat Holiday Blues

You’ve just had the most amazing holiday and now you’re back home everything just feels grey.  It happens to us all.  Being back in the rat race is now just leaving you feel blue.  What can we do?  How do you beat holiday blues?

From my own experience, I always feel a little low when I return home.  I’m just back from the Maldives and I knew before I left that I’d be suffering from holiday blues on my return.  Now I’m wondering what I can do, and as I’ve been researching I thought I’d summarise what I’ve found and things that have worked for me from my own experience.

Have a Treat Planned For When You Return

It can be something small, like booking a facial or have a hair appointment planned.  I never see the point of having my hair done just before I go away, as the sun, lack of good styling tools, different water means my hair never looks good on holiday anyway!  I save this appointment for my return, to help me beat holiday blues and get an intensive hair conditioning treatment that will repair some of the damage the sun has caused.  These littles will help cheer you up and help to continue to make you feel relaxed and beat holiday blues.beat holiday blues

Do Something Spontaneous

There’s nothing better than doing something spontaneous to cheer yourself up.  It could be anything, like booking theatre tickets; returns are often available direct from the box office and allows you to see some of the biggest shows if you are prepared to go at late notice.  I booked last minute theatre tickets to see the Harry Potter plays in the west end and headed down to London a few days later.

Remind Yourself of All the Things You Love at Home

For me this is my cat, a proper cup of tea and British Fizz!

Be Kind To Yourself

Travelling can also be exhausting, so don’t feel you have to do too much when you return.  Also ensure you eat well and drink plenty of water, as this will help with your mood.  Plan a healthy food shopping delivery for your return, to avoid the empty cupboards and stop the temptation of order takeaway.

Relive Your Holiday Experience

Just because your holiday is over doesn’t mean you should forget it.  Share your story in your blog or post pictures on your instagram page.

Don’t Overspend On Holiday

I know this is easier to say in retrospect, but one of the things that causes holiday blues is wondering how you’re going to pay for the holiday afterwards.  Plan before you go away and make sure you can afford everything you want to do.  If you can’t then maybe postpone the trip and save a little more.  It’s not worth putting yourself in lots of debt for a holiday that will only stress you out in the long term.

Plan Your Next Holidaybeat-holiday-blues

The number one way to beat holiday blues, is to plan another as soon as you come back.

How Do You Beat Holiday Blues?

Do you have some tips to offer?  Why don’t you add them to the comments?


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  1. I always have the planning for my next holiday started before heading on holiday. Gets me even more motivated to finish planning when I get home! Also I love doing “mini” holidays around home – weekends away are great to see your own backyard.

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