Can You Really Get Paid For Travelling To The US Virgin Islands?

I’m not going to make you read to the end of this article to find out whether you can get paid just for travelling to the US Virgin Islands.  The answer is:  Yes!!

Sun sand and sea

Many bloggers have been posting articles telling their readers about this amazing offer that the US Virgin Islands will give you $300, just for visiting.  It sounded too good to be true.  For those of you who know me, you’ll know I went in search of some proof.  It didn’t take me long and US Virgin Islands tourist board website has all the details here:

Is It Really Free Money?

No, they don’t give you $300 cash.  They give you $300 in VI Spending Credits for Historical / Cultural Tours and Activities.

Are There Any Restrictions?

You must book a minimum of 3 nights for a stay in 2017.  Oh, it will be so difficult to stay on these beautiful islands for longer than 3 days!  I kind of wish it was a minimum of 3 weeks, to give me an excuse to stay there for that long.  You need to book your stay at and use booking code: CP1.

Why Are They Doing This?

To celebrate!  What better way to commemorate the 100th year anniversary?  If you go in March then you get a “Centennial” Souvenir.

Why Should You Go To The US Virgin Islands?

The Virgin Islands are beautiful.  Truly truly beautiful.  You may have read my article following my trip to the Maldives and the Maldives are pretty, but in my honest opinion the Virgin Islands are prettier.

What Can You Do In The US Virgin Islands?

Check out to see the events calendar for the centenial.

Why Is This Article So Short?

Because I’m about to go and check out to find myself a flight out there!


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  1. Sounds awesome! See you there. 🙂

  2. This seems like a great idea! Thanks a bunch for the info!

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