Why Your Friends Hate Your Travel Blog!

hate your travel blog

You’ve started a travel blog!  (Let’s have a party for you.)  Why have your friends not read your travel blog?  Do your friends hate your travel blog?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your first few blog posts.  For what?  For 3 random page views.  You don’t even know if they read it to the end, or if they clicked away after deciding they don’t like the font you’re using.  So, you change your font, just in case.

Next you start a facebook page and invite all your friends.  This should get you lots of hits, you think.  Out of your 300 friends list, 10 of them like your page.   None of them like or share your posts.  One new page view on your blog.  They probably didn’t read to the end because they didn’t like your colour scheme.  You change your colour scheme.

You decide to start a twitter account and discover a chrome plugin that allows you to follow people quickly and then unfollow those that don’t follow back.  This gains you 1000 followers, quickly.  A bot likes one of your tweets.  Zero blog page views. Then twitter bans you for mass following and looking and acting like a spammer.

Why Does No One Care About Your Blog?

The nurturing part of me wants to say “there, there, give it time.”  The thing is the world of the travel blogger is a tough one.  There are thousands upon thousands of people doing exactly what you are doing.  How on Earth can you stand out amongst them?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments section, so I can steal your ideas and use them for myself.

After all if this was an article about how to stand out, then everyone would be doing it and therefore no one would stand out.  Maybe try a new wordpress theme?

Why Your Friends Hate Your Travel Blog?

This is a complex subject, don’t you think?  Let’s face it, if you knew the answer you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Let’s face facts, what you are really doing is the equivalent of the 70s slide show of holiday pictures.  You’ve heard of this kind of thing, right?  Your aunt and uncle show you thousands of pictures, on a projector screen, of the same church from slightly different angles.  No one really cares about church, never mind the fact that your aunt has her same holiday pose infront of it.  The clicking of the slide machine gets annoyingly repetitive.

How often do your friends get to go away?  They are, after all too busy spending their money on their home or children or going out and getting paralytically drunk to be able to even start thinking about sacrificing things (like you do) for something that you value so dear: Travel.

We Know You’re Not Showing Off

Your travel blog is simply showing off to your friends, or in fact they just don’t care about your random experience in the middle of a country they’ve never heard of and never want to visit, with a culture they don’t care to understand.

Your friends hate your travel blog, because it tells and shows them that you can have fun without them.  It’s not inclusive for them.  Even though you’d love them to be there, and had you won the lottery, you’d be doing everything in your power to bring them along.

You’d love for them to experience all you do.  That’s why you want them to read your blog, as you want them to be part of these travel experiences, that give meaning to your life.

Try these tips from Gloria Atanmo How To Travel & Not Make Your Friends Jealous

Not All Your Friends Hate Your Travel Blog!

You know this is true (oh no the nurturing part of me is coming out again).  Some friends simply don’t have the time to read your travel blog.  They are busy doing the stuff they enjoy.  You know like when you’re busy running around travelling, doing the stuff you enjoy?

You’ll have a core group of friends who are supportive.  You may even have a handful of lovely friends, who know how important it is to you and they religiously like lots of your travel blog facebook posts.  They do this because they are your friends and care about you, although not your travel blog.

Most of your friends won’t understand the value of link clicks to you.  Why should they?  It’s just your diary isn’t it?  Most people won’t understand that to you, it’s your brand; it’s your new freelance business.

If Your Friends Won’t Read Your Travel Blog, Why Would a Stranger?

The random stranger will want to learn something from your experience before they go travelling.  You’ve written a captivating article that screams out to them and they want to gain some knowledge from your vast experience.

You’re Not Getting Many Page Views?

You’ve tried it all now, from joining a blogging facebook group to throwing all your articles at stumbleupon.  You’ve got a SEO plugin on wordpress that tells you too many of your sentences are passive, so you rearrange the words in your sentence like a jigsaw puzzle until the light turns green.  At this point you try not to start yet another sentence with the word “you’ve”, as you’ll be told too many sentences start with the same word.

You have lots of affiliate links and still live in hope that someone will click and buy from Your Caviar Link or book the penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, New York.

You find an article that tells you to stop writing your posts in the first person and try and write them in the second person. (That’s using “you” instead of “I”.)

You read this 36 Outrageous Headlines You Can’t Help but Click and the first headline you think of is “Why Your Friends Hate Your Travel Blog!” and you decide to write an article around it.

Then you save the draft, wanting to re-read it at a later date and make sure you’ve not offended any of your friends.  You know that when you share it on facebook, that you’ll have some friends comment “I don’t hate your travel blog” , without having read it.   Maybe you could ask in your post for your friends to comment with the word “slangwhanger”, to prove they’ve read it all.

Then you publish to get your (drum roll please) 3 new pageviews to your blog……


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  1. Great, fun post! Easy to read, read it til the end, perfect font 👌

    Naomi of http://www.brentandnaomi.com

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thanks for reading! I won’t change my font again. 😀

  2. Oh this is so true! I’m glad I could stop by and maybe be your fourth view for the day. Now, I must be off to change my font and colors again to! Cheers! http://www.bylandandsea.me

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you for stopping by. You could also try a wordpress theme change? 😉

  3. Haha, this post made me laugh! Especially about the 70s slideshow reference, lol

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Pleased it made you laugh 🙂 Thanks for stopping by as my 5th page view. Maybe I won’t change my word press theme again today. 😀

  4. haha I love this! I’ve just launched my travel blog and share the same frustrations.. It’s so hard when you pour so much time and energy into something and your friends & family just don’t ‘get it’.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you! You keep on doing what you’re doing too! 🙂

  5. Nice post! I have been traveling Costa Rica for 16 months blogging about my travels. I was shocked to find out some of my very best friends have never even read my blog once. One person finally told me it is because it makes her insanely jealous as she is changing diapers to read about my beach exploring. I get it. And sometimes I hesitate to share something exciting, due to not wanting to make people jealous or to seem like I’m bragging. But I can’t dim my light to make others feel more comfortable. I am tired of apologizing…I have earned this and worked hard for it. TRUE friends build me up and support me no matter what, after all my travels are not about them, it is about me being brave enough to chase dreams that are hard to catch. I will always remember who supported me and who acted like a jealous kindergartener.

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      It’s really strange isn’t it? I thought when I started my travel blog that I’d get most support from my friends, but it just hasn’t worked out like that. I’m sorry your friends are jealous, but that is somewhat of a compliment as it means you’re doing something right. If no one was jealous it would mean you aren’t doing something amazing. When friends are happy, it means you can be happy as you know all is OK and you don’t need to worry about them.

  6. This is great! 😂 the more I wrote personal posts the more my friend seem to like it- but then does anyone else? Who are we really writing for anyway? Ugh! It’s a tough one!

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      That’s great that you’ve found a style of writing that your friends like. Probably if your friends like it, so will everyone else. We’re probably writing for ourselves, more than anyone else anyway 😉

  7. Loved this! A reality check and a few giggles. I have a couple friends who are supportive, and funny, they’re not the ones I expected! My very close friends couldn’t care less! Oh, well. Their loss! 🙂

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Yes, I’ve found that, the most supportive aren’t always the people you expect! I think it’s more disheartening when you have friends that act like your blog doesn’t even exist after you’ve been so supportive of their projects. Like you say: their loss! 🙂

  8. Haha this was hilarious and wonderfully written.

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Pleased you enjoyed it 🙂

  9. I totally understand you. I think most of us frustrated from same situation time to time.
    You are lucky one though. Because English is your mother tongue. I struggle a lot writing in English as it’s my second language. It’s super challenging. And even you do your best, always in your mind “did I do some grammar mistake or does it sound ridiculous”!!
    A lot of time my friends criticized me saying they cannot read the blog because it’s in English. Then I opened the Turkish section for them. And guess what? They still don’t read it. Random strangers care&read more about your writing than your friends!
    Even though it upset me, I’ve learned a lot from it.

    Best & Good luck

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Wow! I admire you for being able to write a blog in your second language. We all worry about sometimes sounding ridiculous and wondering if our grammar is correct, even when it’s our first language. You’re not alone there. I wonder if it’s more that your friends just don’t understand how important it is to you, rather than them not caring. I don’t think they have to read your blog to show they care about you (but it helps) 🙂

  10. Really great! I feel the same way. I feel like I pretty much have a core readership of 2: my mom and my sister (sometimes, when she’s not too busy). Honestly it felt like more of my friends were engaged and reading my blog when it was just a diary, before I tried to start being all professional. I’m so confused now.

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      It is so confusing! From reading other people’s comments, at least it would seem we are not alone here!

  11. slangwhanger! This is hilarious and so true! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  12. Amandas_Wanderlust says: Reply

    Lol, this is very funny and so true! Very few of my friends read my blog, although I do have a small handful of lovely friends who are supportive of what I do whatever. I guess they’re just not into the same things as I am and that’s fair enough.

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you! I agree I think that’s fair enough that people aren’t into the same things. For me, it was the realising that my friends aren’t reading my blog, not because they don’t care about me, but because they just don’t care about travel blogs at all. 😀

  13. I don’t think your friends hate your blog. They just don’t care. They might check it out if/when they’ll decide to visit one or the other place you wrote about. That’s why I don’t write for my friends, my blog is for people looking for information about specific destination, and they find it somehow… Slangwhanger 🙂

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Tee hee!

      I completely agree. We shouldn’t take it to heart, when our friends show no interest in our blogs. It’s not because they don’t care about the writer, they just don’t care about what is written. 🙂

  14. I can resonate with you on so many levels. But I cannot say any of this to any of my friends. But keep writing and never lose hope. You will definitely see that it is not just 3 page views anymore and it will gradually increase to thousands. There will always be a shortage of good writers.
    And your true friends will always support you, no matter what.

    Soumya from http://travelbooksfood.com

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

  15. This was really funny and true in the same time !

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thanks 🙂

  16. Thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish! I definitely feel ya! Pinned this for later too!

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  17. Haha..slangwanger😆💡 I feel where you’re coming from Katy. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I’ve come to not be surprised anymore when the majority of my followers/readers/commenters/likers are complete strangers. I think you encompassed the ideas around this pretty well. For many, they just don’t understand the time and energy we pour into blogging – I know many of my acquaintances don’t understand the business aspect behind what we’re doing & don’t realize the importance of that type of interaction on all those platforms. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said they tend to assume it’s just your public diary. And then, of course, I hate to admit it but, many people ARE just downright jealous. Let’s face it, the people who don’t travel as we do & prefer to spend their money on material things like shoes or nights out at the bar…can’t begin to comprehend how passionate we are about travel/culture/experiences and if they do like the idea of travel, but feel it’s not accessible to them, a travel blog might just feel like a bitter reminder to them. Of course there are many reasons why they may or may not read our blogs but the upside to all of it is that we ARE following our passion and there is an incredible community of people (like the ones who’ve already left you many beautiful comments here) that can relate and will support you. Don’t give up!! They say your vibe attracts your tribe so keep pursuing what makes you happy and the rest will follow. ☺️ Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thank you Desiree, for your words of encouragement. 🙂

  18. I like this! I honestly feel that no one cares about my blog and it does get disheartening, as I put a lot of effort into writing, taking photographs, and marketing it over various social media platforms. Just one view on each post would be a nice start!

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Blogging is not as easy as it seems, is it? I think as long as we enjoy what we’re doing then we just carry on and try new things. I’ve learnt so much about writing, photography, SEO, social media, marketing that even if I don’t get anywhere with my blog then it’s all still been worth all the effort I’ve put in.

  19. Haha, this is why I haven’t even shared my blog with most of my friends yet! (Also because I somehow am less anxious about people I don’t know reading my blog than I am about my friends and family who could potentially judge me IRL!) But I do feel like my friends aren’t my target audience anyway. While I would love their support, the reality is that a good percentage of my friends don’t even have a passport!

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      I know what you mean about being less anxious about strangers reading your blog than your friends. Being anonymous has it’s advantages.

  20. Well… what can I say? Maybe a slangwhanger

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply


  21. Hahaha Love it! Long live slangwhanger! I laughed really hard at “You know that when you share it on facebook, that you’ll have some friends comment “I don’t hate your travel blog” , without having read it. ” This is great lol.

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Pleased you enjoyed it 🙂

  22. slangwhanger

    and thats exactly what I am doing, what I am thinking and what I am trying. I laughed out loud when reading your article 😀 (and it is actually encouraging that you are talking about 4 pageviews, I have like 6!

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      You’ve got a couple more page views now 😁

  23. Personally, I am trying to write my posts for humans, not the search engine robots. I am guilty of using the referenced plugin though and trying to make sure I have green dots rather than red dots, but mostly I’m just making sure my word count isn’t too lengthy.

    Ugh on passive voice. I’m always proud of myself when I naturally end up with green dots without having to manipulate the words. 😀

  24. hahahah this is hilarous!!!! none of my friends know i have a blog i dont want to be judged! and they are a judgey bunch!

  25. […] Rapunzel’s Passport – Katy is in the UK, and she recently wrote this fantastic post about why your friends don’t read your blog. This post absolutely applies to any blog niche, not just the travel bloggers. Anyone else guilty of playing with the SEO plugin to make sure your red dots become green dots? *raises hand* Anyone guilty of going into Twitter time out for following too many people in a day? *Raises hand* No green dots on this post. Do I care? […]

  26. Haha I always wonder why my friends don’t read my blog. If one of them had a blog I would totally read their blog! It’s funny I’m getting married soon and my bridesmaids care so much about the little things before the wedding like the bridal shower and they don’t realize I would be 10 times happier if they helped me out with my blog instead! I now realize that my blog is the 70s slideshow haha. Love that analogy you’re so right!

  27. Very true. I was excited to share my blog posts and would put them on my personal Facebook page hoping to gain readers. Although some people were supportive, others were rude to me in person and definitely jealous. It’s tricky, which is why I decided to boost posts on my Business Facebook page and friends can read it if they want.

  28. When I moved abroad 10 years ago I started my first blog and the purpose of it was to let my friends and family know what I was doing. Then, after a few years I just stopped writing. I didn’t feel they needed it. Last year I restarted blogging again, more the professional way of it and I decided that I would to this incognito for all those reasons that you’ve mentioned in your post. So I’m building up an audience of people that have the same interests (travelling & blogging), out of scratch, hoping to reach out there anybody that needs a travel advice. Tough, but at least I won’t feel disappointed if my friends don’t click on my pages. I also don’t care about their slideshows of drooling babies and selfies, why should they care about my travel blog? But they are still my friends 🙂 And I loved your post. I read the whole lot of it. What was the password: slangwhanger? LOL

  29. Haha I enjoyed reading this. It’s so true! I’m new to blogging and although I have a lot of supportive friends who actually have taken the time to read and and share it’s not my market. I want genuine followers and people who are interested in what I have learnt so I’m trying not to worry too much about the ‘stats’. Thanks for this was a good read 🙂

  30. It’s quite funny but also pretty sad how true this whole post is! Haha I feel like I’m annoying people on my personal page, whenever I share links etc from my blog and blog’s Facebook page haha. But oh well, I’d personally rather have people who genuinely support my love for writing, instead of people who feel obliged to click the like button!
    Really entertaining post 😀

  31. This was hilarious! I really liked the beginning with the fonts and twitter haha. I never really told people about my blog, just occasionally. But I never really expected people to read it, I’m more surprised when people tell me they do read it though. I’ve never really expected them to like and share and comment on everything. Of course, it’s always exciting when they do read though. Does all of this even make sense? haha

  32. Ah yes, this is sounding familiar! Drat – and I thought they cared. BTW, you’ve got 58 comments so far. That’s way more than 3 views so you’re doing something right.

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