My Top Tips for New York

Tip One: Do Both Empire State and Top of Rock

But do one in the morning and one as the sun is setting to see the city in a different light.  I was so grateful for this tip.  We saw a hazy New York morning from the empire state and the sunset from the top of rock.


Tip Two: Book Broadway Tickets Same Day

You can’t go to New York without seeing a show that the whole world is talking about.  The discount stall, TKTS in the centre of times square is the easiest and best option; they even have an app so you know before you go what they are offering.  We got tickets for some great shows, including Chicago and Matilda.

Tip Three: See an Off Broadway show

It’s just cool to say you’ve been to an off broadway show.  The best ones have discount tickets at TKTS as above.  We saw Avenue Q, and I still think it’s the best musical I’ve seen.


Tip Four: Stay near Times Square

This might be preference, but it’s good to feel in the centre of it all and get a real feel for the city.  Also handy for evenings if you are seeing a show.  There are a wide range of hotels, from the amazing boutique hotel French Quarter Apartments to budget Hotel Edison, which is probably one of the cheapest and closest to Times Square.  I’ve stayed in both and would recommend them.


Tip Five: Get the audio guide for the statue of liberty

This allows you to walk around at a slower pace and not miss anything.  It’s very American and as a Brit it seemed a little cheesy; this just added to the experience.

Tip Six: Go in January

Yes it’s cold, but no one goes to New York in January, so we didn’t need to pre-book tickets for anything, and hotels are cheaper.  Just take lots of layers, enjoy the snow with less crowds and more of a local feel to the city.

Tip Seven: Pay Respects at the 911 memorial

This is one of the most powerful memorials I have ever seen.  It has been done very well.  I have no pictures to share, as I just wanted to pay my respects.


Tip Eight: Go to Don’t Tell Mommas

Or any other piano bar in the city.  Get the chance to hear great singers with a piano, and the chance to sing yourself (if you’re any good).

Tip Nine: If it’s in your travel guide, also check it still really exists!

In my travel guide was a listing for a comic art gallery, we spent some time walking around trying to find it, we finally asked locally only to discover it is no longer there.  Always best to google or phone ahead of time.

Tip Ten: Soak up the atmosphere

With so much to go and see, you might forget to stop and soak up the atmosphere but find a little coffee shop and people watch.


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