Packing Tips for Divas

If like me you are a bit of diva, and what to pack can be a little tricky here are my packing tips for divas.


Let’s start with the easiest scenario:

Option 1: Staying In Only One Hotel for One or Two Weeks

  • Take the biggest case you can (ensure it has wheels)
  • If you are taking hair straighteners and hair dryer then make sure you have the correct plug adapter.
  • Don’t take any more evening outfits than evenings you are going for.
  • Try and take only one pair of heels in a neutral colour that go with everything (they always take up the most amount of space and add weight)
  • Take a pair of flat shoes for evening for when your heels start to hurt.
  • Avoid clothes of heavy material, they’ll just weigh you down.
  • Fill your case with anything you think you may feel like wearing.
  • Take waterproof make up for wearing when by the pool


Option 2: Going Away For a Long Weekend

If included in the flight and others are checking in a suitcase then follow guidelines for Option 1

  • If you are taking carry on luggage:
  • Ensure your case adheres to the airline regulations
  • Ensure case has wheels
  • Only if you’re travelling with someone who doesn’t have high quality straighteners you can borrow, take your own if they can fit.
  • Consider packing dresses that you can wear in the day and the evening.
  • Check with the airport the limits on liquids you take on a plane.
  • Take miniture everything for all your skincare needs.
  • Consider balm cleansers (I like Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm) , this may not count towards your liquid limit.
  • Take powder foundation (I use bareMinerals)
  • Pack one pair of heels and travel in comfy daytime shoes to save space.

Option 3: Moving from hotel to hotel

If there is no chance that you will have to carry your case at all and no chance you will have to wheel it for more than 5 minutes, and there is no restriction on any of the transport between hotels, then go to option 1.

Option 4: Travelling – Suitcases Not Allowed!

Warning this bit is scary – yet I’ve managed it several times now!

  • Diva’s still don’t do rucksacks!  Get a Duffle Bag on Wheels
    just make sure you are able to carry it too, mine is bright pink and makes it easy to spot at the airport at baggage reclaim.
  • No heels!  Have a lightweight pair of flip flops that go well with dresses.  I love my sketchers memory foam flip flops.
  • No straighteners (and certainly no hair dryer!)  Straighten your hair just before you leave, in the hope this will give you nice looking hair for a few more days.
  •  Buy some good quality hair products and put them in small travel bottles.  Consider taking dry shampoo.
  • Take hair accessories to put your hair in a bun and hide it in a hat if need be.
  • No perfume.  It only attracts mosquitos anyway.
  • Light weight dresses that you can wear in the day and night.  They normally take up less room than shorts anyway.
  • One nice lightweight evening dress – you never know!
  • Skin care in miniature bottles – no need to risk bad skin.
  • The basic make up, you can go away with to make you feel comfortable.  I love bare minerals foundation, as it’s quick to apply, gives a good coverage and has spf in it.  If you want lipstick, take your favourite shade and that’s it.
  • Leggings and light weight shirts to wear with dresses if need to cover up in a mosquito area.  Light weight shirts are also good, if you are fair and need to cover up from the sun.

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