Quit Your Job and Travel? So Many Bloggers Tell Us!

Lately there have been hundreds of articles on why you should quit your job and travel.  Then, out come the articles about why you shouldn’t quit your job and travel.  Even, people who don’t want to quit their jobs are now writing articles on the subject.   So, here we are now: an article discussing these articles.

Quit Your Job and Travel

Why You Should Quit Your Job And Travel

Travelling is full of amazing and enriching experiences.  You learn so much;  it’s so liberating.  You can  also become a better person for it.  Travelling to and embracing other cultures, can help you understand the human race a little more and makes you more tolerant of others.  There’s no arguing that travel is amazing.  With the beauty of the interweb, you can be connected to the world and work almost anywhere with the right job.  For more reasons why, read this awesome article: 11 reasons you should quit your job and go travelling

Don't quit your job to travel

Why You Shouldn’t Just Quit Your Job And Travel

Earning money as a digital nomad isn’t an easy endeavour.  From my own short time as a travel blogger, I can tell you it’s not a simple task.  Just starting a blog will not instantly earn you any money.  All successful travel blogger, will tell you just how many hours a week they need to put in.  Of course travel blogging and being a digital nomad isn’t the only way to support yourself whilst travelling.  Teaching English as a foreign language is another option.  All takes a little consideration and some money under your belt.

Are You Sick of the “I-can-travel-the-world-but-you-can’t” Blog Posts?

Lots of these articles pose some really important points, for example quitting your job with no money saved and no plan, isn’t a good idea.  However somewhere in the article, they’ll tell you that they quit their job to travel and tell you just how much hard work it is.  Yes, we get it, anything worth doing isn’t easy;  being a professional travel blogger can’t be an easy job.  Highlighted here in this thought provoking article Why ‘Quit Your Job and Travel the World’ is the Worst Advice Ever, where I suggest you also check out the comments section.

To Quit or Not To Quit, that is the Question

No one can answer that question for you.  You know your circumstance.  You are the only one that can evaluate if you can cope in a foreign country, with not a penny to your name.  If you have a mortgage to pay then it’s clearly not a good idea, but if you have a stash of savings that you’re willing to dip into, then it’s not the end of the world.  You have to search deep inside yourself.  Staying in your current job is a gamble, of missed experiences.  Leaving your job is a gamble; will you be able to support yourself?

Quit to travel

What About Me?

I decided to set up a blog, to see if I can make it work.  I’ve not this for very long, and when people ask me how it’s going, I’ll say “hard work”, and then add “but I’m learning so much and enjoying it all.”  The plan is, if I can make a success of it, then I can go travelling.  Honestly, I’m starting to think writing this has been self therapy and I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is probably just another self imposed obstacle I’ve put in the way.

My plan 5 years ago was to go freelance in my current field of IT, so I could take big chunks of time off to go travelling.  The freelancing has happened but the lots of time of travelling has not.  I’m scared.  I think this is why the “quit your job and travel” posts are good, as they give people like me, who are teetering on the edge, that push of encouragement they need.

Nothing Wrong With Caution

Just quitting your job and hoping for the best is never going to work.  Just as not doing anything and staying as you are isn’t going to work.  You need a plan, you need to stick to your plan and find the courage to do it.

What’s stopping you from travelling?  Or what gave you the courage to do it?


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