5 Things That Should Not Stop You Travelling

shouldn't stop you travellling

You want to travel, but you say you can’t because of a handful of excuses.  Let’s face it they are only excuses. So, let’s go through a list of things that should not stop you travelling!

1.  Being a Diva/Princess

I’ve put this one first, as it’s me.  I like 5 star hotels and drinking British Fizz (prosecco was so 2014, sweetie).

The thing is not all the best experiences in life are easy and wrapped in pink sparkly paper.  Sometimes you have to change the heels for the memory foam sketchers and get stuck in.  Long journeys on bumpy roads, make the destination all the more amazing.  Stay in the 5* hotel when you are away by all means, but you may regret it like I did in Thailand.  You’ll find the friendliest people in less flashy hotels.  Mud washes off, nails grow back and there’s always someone to give you a helping hand wherever you go.

Being a diva or a princess should not stop you travelling!

2.  No one to travel with

So you’re friends are paired up, and you’re living a happily single life, whilst your single friends are skint or don’t want to travel?  Go it alone, you are rarely alone when you are away.  You don’t have to make any compromises.  Do whatever, whenever you want 100% of the time.  Gone is the stress of worrying about anyone else.  Or you can do what I do, and go on group tours.  Exodus, Intrepid and G Adventures are the 3 main tour companies and most of their tours have no single supplement to pay.

3.  My cat will miss me

Find a cattery run by a crazy-cat-lady and your cat will be fine.  That one is easy, or at least it is if you are travelling for less than a month.

4. Not enough money

Have you seen all the blogs about cheap travel?  Go read up!  Then there’s always travel to be done locally.  Go and visit your nearest city and experience it like a tourist.  (Keep your eyes out on my snapchat @rapunzpassport – I often snap locally in the UK when I find something interesting.)  I want to go to Blenheim palace soon too as my Aussie friends have been and said it was great.  It’s only an hour away from me, a bit embarrassing I’ve not been.

5. Scared

Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Some of the most experienced travellers I know have a huge knot in their stomach before they leave home; it’s natural.  The best way to calm nerves is do your research, see what all your options open to you.

Seriously!  What is stopping you from travelling the  world?

5 things to not stop you

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  1. Well Done Katy! You wrote a great post here! Next year we are taking a year off and we will probably spend 6 months in South America then we will probably go to Europe. We cannot wait to be outside our comfort zone!
    Patrick and Cecile from http://www.travel4lifeblog.com

    1. Rapunzel's Passport says: Reply

      Thanks Patrick and Cecile! I’ll be sure to follow your adventure. Bolivia is on my todo list, are you going there?

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