7 Ways To Help You Sleep On A Plane

7 ways to help you sleep

What makes the uncomfortable journey of a tedious flight go quicker?  Sleeping of course!  Getting some sleep on a plane always makes time go faster.   Isn’t that everyone’s aim, once on a flight to get some sleep?  OK, perhaps not everyone; would be good if the pilot stayed awake.

1. Book a Night Time Flight

There’s a few reasons why you may find it easier to sleep on an evening flight.  Your body is already prepared to sleeping at night time.  They dim the lights and the plane is quieter at night time as everyone else is more likely to be sleeping.  This will make it a nicer environment for you to sleep.

2. Pick Your Seat Carefully

Use a site like seatguru.com to make sure that you are not too close to the toilets.  Not only can the smell be nasty but people queuing and talking can keep you awake.  Also make sure you don’t have the back row, as often these seats don’t recline.  Of course if you’re going to want to sleep, then you are going to want to recline, just don’t you dare put it back on me whilst I’m eating my dinner!

3. Avoid Caffeine

If at home you don’t normally drink a strong cup of coffee before you go to bed, then it might be wise to avoid the offering of tea and coffee after dinner.  Caffeine is good at keeping you awake and alert, so let’s avoid that.  Don’t forget to avoid the can of coke too.  They say it’s best not to drink carbonated drinks on a flight anyway, as it contributes to bloating and cramping.

4. Have A Routine When You Get On The Plane

Watch something on the inflight entertainment, eat your meal, clean your teeth.  Yes, I’m being serious here.  As you normally clean your teeth before you go to bed (well, I hope you do anyway), this will lend itself to your normal routine and help your body know that it’s bed time.

5. Wear Comfy Clothes

The comfier you are, the more likely it is that you will fall asleep.  Jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt are normally ideal, but anything close to what you normally wear for bed will help.  Unless you sleep naked.  Please don’t do that on a flight.  At least not a flight I’m on!

6. Relax

If you are stressed and uptight you are not going to get to sleep.  Perhaps try reading, listening to music or watching a film might help you relax.  Or you may find doing some puzzles help relaxes you.  (I’m a fan of Hanjie).

7. Listen To A Bedtime Story

There’s nothing like falling asleep listening to the lovely soft tones of Stephen Fry’s voice reading Harry Potter to you, or Simon Pegg reading his autobiography to you (I have both audiobooks from audible).  This way you can just close your eyes and not be distracted by anything around you.

Do you have any tips for sleeping on a plane?

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