Some of My Favourite Things From Route 66

Santa Fe

Beautiful city, it surprised me and completely changed my view of the USA, as it was nothing like I had imagined an American city.


Abraham Lincoln’s Home, Springfield, Illinois

This was interesting and the guide that took us around the house was informative, and for the penny conscious – it’s also free.


Sinclair Station, Gay Parita

Gary Turner and his daughter greeted us immediately as we arrived and gave us each a photo of the station.  Their hospitality was amazing; telling us to help ourselves to a soda.  We heard stories, and saw his amazing route 66 memorabilia.  Our ten minute stop became much longer!  Hearing stories from all locals was some of the best parts of the road trip.


Cadillac Ranch New Mexico

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The Changing Landscape

Not just the change in scenery, but accent and culture were all so evident.  As a Brit, it’s all too easy to see America as one country that is all just the same but every state has it’s own ways and own feels.


The Randomness

If I’m truthful there really aren’t a lot of cultural sights to see on the way, but there’s lots of randomness.  So many things have been labelled a “Route 66 Attraction” and most of them are very random.

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